Platform Select: Liquid Vitamn D3 + K2
D3 + K2 helps bones by maximizing calcium storage and promoting better immune function.  Vitamin D also plays an important role in stabilizing cardiovascular health.  At the same time, Vitamin K helps bind newly absorbed calcium to bone, creating a...
Platform Defense: Vita-Pak
Formulated to get you back up when winter sickness gets you down.  Packed with Vitamins A, C, and D (for immunity) and Zinc (for anti-viral fortitude).  Take 2 Packs a day!  Comes with a 15 day supply. Each pack contains...
Platform Defense: ImmunoShield
Fortifies against immune challenges and keeps internal inflammation balanced. ImmunoShield combines powerful key nutrients and botanical extracts to provide comprehensive support for immune function.  ImmunoShield utilizes a crafted mix of strong nutrients and traditional botanicals to clinically impact immune-boosting properties, keeping...
Infusion: Winter Wellness
With the weather turning colder, winter has finally arrived. The holidays are exciting but can also be full of stress, less-than-wholesome food, and plenty of unpleasant germs. It can be a rough time for your immune systems. That’s why we’ve created INFUSION:...
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