Platform Daily Defense - Powder
(Previously known as ImmunoProtect IgG) Aids immunity to daily triggers and allergens.  When the body’s immune system becomes overactive, immune tolerance drops. Platform Daily Defense lessens stress on the immune system, allowing the tissue to naturally reduce inflammation and prompting immune reconstitution. ...
Platform Restoration
A blend of detoxifying macro and micronutrients as well as energy-generating compounds crafted into a tasty, vegan-friendly protein powder.  Restoration+ provides a comprehensive approach to support detoxification in the body.  It also aids all phases of biotransformation, while upping those...
Platform Defense: Neuro
Platform Defense: Neuro helps support a robust heart and brain health.  Designed using a comprehensive formula, Platform Defense: Neuro features five key nutrients: folate as calcium folinate and Quatrefolic® for increased bioactivity, trimethylglycine, and vitamins B12, B6, and B2. The...
Magnesium Citrate
Unlike a broad-spectrum Magnesium supplement, Magnesium Citrate is used to specifically aid bowel regularity and overall bowel health. By gently increasing the amount of liquid in the small intestine, Magnesium Citrate helps promote bowel movements, resulting in a more efficient...
Immune Support Box
The Platform Health Immune Support Box includes a 30 day supply of immune boosting supplements in a convenient daily pack.Each daily pack contains one capsule of each supplement below: Vitamin D3 (nutrition for the immune system) N-Acetyl Cysteine (prevents viral...
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