Platform Select: Zinc Glycinate
Boasting a wide range of benefits, Zinc is a critical component for keeping your body it's very best. Platform Select: Zinc Glycinate is a fully reacted, proprietary TRAACS" engineered for better absorption by the body through a process called Chelating.  This...
Platform Select: DHEA 5MG
Helps keep hormones balanced and aids in the reduction of stress.  Platform Select: DHEA allows the tailoring of healthy androgen and estrogen hormone levels.  Each capsule provides DHEA derived from wild yam, and allows you to choose your dose, so...
CycleBalance - Platform Health
Clinical Applications Helps Maintain a Healthy Menstrual Cycle Promotes Healthy Progesterone to Estrogen Balance Supports Normal Prolactin Levels  Promotes Healthy Testosterone Levels Up to 3 out of every 4 women experience hormonal changes during their childbearing years. The female cycle...
Platform Select: ThyroDine
Supports a healthy mix of thyroid hormones to help keep breast tissue healthy.  Thyroid Support’s superior iodine formula reinforces thyroid health and offers long-term, consistent results.  Read the Information Sheet for more! Serving Size: 1 CapsuleServings Per Container: 90
EstroProtect - Platform Hormone
Clinical Applications Supports Estrogen Balance Supports Proper Estrogen Metabolism for Women and Men Improves Estrogen Detoxification Pathways Provides Cellular Antioxidant Support for DNA Stability Estrogen collectively refers to the female hormones estrone, estradiol and estriol. Estrogen is an important hormone...
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