Infusion: Winter Wellness
With the weather turning colder, winter has finally arrived. The holidays are exciting but can also be full of stress, less-than-wholesome food, and plenty of unpleasant germs. It can be a rough time for your immune systems. That’s why we’ve created INFUSION:...
BioCore Infusion
from $99.00
BioCore Infusion
This product requires fulfillment at our office.  Please purchase online and our clinic will follow-up with you to set an appointment.  When our brains are experiencing a deficiency in vitamins and electrolytes, we find it difficult to clear our minds,...
from $99.00
Infusion: ImmuneBoost IV + LipoBoost
INFUSION: ImmuneBoost IV is built on the back of this IV treatment but optimized for wintertime with immunity-boosting properties to help you stay strong and healthy during the any time of the year. Each treatment includes a burst of Vitamin-C...
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