Platform Restoration
A blend of detoxifying macro and micronutrients as well as energy-generating compounds crafted into a tasty, vegan-friendly protein powder.  Restoration+ provides a comprehensive approach to support detoxification in the body.  It also aids all phases of biotransformation, while upping those...
Infusion: Winter Wellness (4 Bundle)
With the weather turning colder, winter has finally arrived. The holidays are exciting but can also be full of stress, less-than-wholesome food, and plenty of unpleasant germs. It can be a rough time for your immune systems. That’s why we’ve created the Winter...
Immune Support Box
The Platform Health Immune Support Box includes a 30 day supply of immune boosting supplements in a convenient daily pack.Each daily pack contains one capsule of each supplement below: Vitamin D3 (nutrition for the immune system) N-Acetyl Cysteine (prevents viral...
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